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A blog about Florence Welch.
Just because She, is just the most talented and beautiful creature on earth.
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Short interview of Florence Welch for Chime for Change. 

In another interview Flo once said,

“I know this is quite a pin pointed issue, but it’s been playing on my mind a lot recently: the fixation of the media on women’s bodies, flaws, and failings. I still feel women are judged far more harshly in the press, even though we are supposed to live in an age of equality. But with magazines and articles constantly set out to take women down for the most trivial of things i.e. their hair/weight etc, it seems we still have a long way to go.”


Florence Welch talks The Great Gatsby (by Nadia Neophytou)

Literally the perfect human.

Florence Welch - Vogue US May 2013 ”Rock Casa” 

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Florence Welch - Interview (95.5 WPLJ Grammys 2013)

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Florence + the Machine - backstage interview at The O2 (x) - Part 1


Florence Welch - Interview (Backstage Rivoli Ballroom 2012)

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